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Why is Olive View–UCLA Different from Other Safety Net Hospitals?

Olive View–UCLA Medical Center is a wonderful combination of university-employed residents, dedicated faculty and a clinical environment that focuses on holistic care for the underserved populace of Los Angeles County.

UCLA Employee Benefits

Unlike other hospitals in the Los Angeles County system, Olive View sponsored residents and fellows are all UCLA employees.

As employees of UCLA, our trainees benefit from competitive compensation.

Residents and fellows receive relocation stipends, sizable monthly housing stipends and yearly educational stipends.

Our residents join a robust bargaining unit comprised of hundreds of UCLA residents across all specialties, ensuring that residents have a voice to advocate for their own needs.

Two Health Networks:
the Benefits of UCLA and DHS

Training at Olive View provides a breadth of experience. Trainees are exposed to the triumphs and challenges of caring for underserved patients who at many times present at advanced stages of disease.

Our trainees also care for patients who undergo specialty care, requiring advanced cutting edge tertiary care for very complicated and rare diagnoses. They benefit from wonderful ancillary services within Olive
View, collaborative nursing, and interdisciplinary team models.

Through our partnerships with Los Angeles County Department of Health Services (DHS), our own parent organization, and UCLA Health, Olive View sponsored trainees build the confidence to work with their interdisciplinary team to take care of every patient they encounter, regardless of demographics, diagnosis, or resources.

The Olive View Experience

Olive View is tucked away in a serene, park-like setting. Its campus and adjoining neighborhoods are not what one expects of a safety net hospital. Likewise, significant investments have been made in creating an efficient and effective hospital operation.

At Olive View, trainees can expect to find the diversity of patient backgrounds along with the rich array of pathologies and disease states for which safety net hospitals are known. Most importantly, our trainees can look forward to making positive contributions to the lives of underserved patients, many of whom present with advanced and undifferentiated disease.

Our trainees make a difference by designing and leading extensive and thorough workups, procedures and management plans for all patients presenting to our doors.

Olive View–UCLA Faculty

The faculty that teach our Olive View sponsored trainees are UCLA faculty. Hear from our dedicated faculty about their experiences at OV.

EMIL Portrait

Emil Heinze, MD
Rheumatology Attending

“The working environment at Olive View is really intimate. We learn from each other and it creates a really rich learning environment.“

Melinda Portrait

Melinda Gibbons, MD
General Surgery Attending

“Every day, I witness the unwavering dedication of my colleagues as they serve our diverse patient population. It is an honor to work alongside them. The reward is the gratitude of our patients, and their families and friends.“

Scott Portrait

Scott Lundberg, MD
Chair, Emergency Medicine

“Our staff share a common mission and purpose, and that is to make the best possible environment for teaching and patient care; I think our patients and learners can really feel and appreciate that.“

Iljie Portrait

Iljie Fitzgerald, MD
Psychiatry Program Director

“The best part of working at Olive View is the amazing community of our training programs, whose residents and faculty collaborate and support one another every day in service to a beautiful shared mission, an authentic commitment to caring for every one of our patients with the respect and compassion that every person deserves.“